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MySpeciality.com is an online community exclusively dedicated for use by healthcare professionals, where members can share experiences, brainstorm to solve patient problems or expand their professional network.

By joining MySpeciality.com you acknowledge having read and accept the Terms and Conditions below.

A. Terms and Conditions

We encourage you to read these Terms and Conditions in order to participate as a member of MySpeciality.com in the development of a quality service. By becoming a member you acknowledge that you have read and understood the terms and conditions of this Agreement and that you agree to be bound by all of the provisions.

B. Members' Responsibilities

Members of MySpeciality.com agree to be solely responsible for their actions and the content of their posts or attachments on the MySpeciality.com platform. If a member participates in the discussions of the community, they are responsible for their words and accept the consequences of posting their discussions. If you publish content on the platform, you agree to do so only for lawful purposes. You expressly agree that you will not post any content that: (1) is libellous, defamatory, abusive or obscene, including, without limitation, material that encourages conduct that would constitute a criminal offense, give rise to civil liability or otherwise violate any local, ethical or international law; (2) infringes the copyright or other proprietary rights of any party; (3) would undermine the confidentiality of any other person; (4) is intended to advertise or solicit third parties without our express permission; (5) contains a virus, Trojan horse or any other harmful programs.

C. HEALTHME's Responsibilities

HEALTHME exercises control over content posted by members of the MySpeciality.com platform. Similarly, we may need to verify the identity of all members or to monitor the content that was provided by the member. If you think someone is misusing or has appropriated your information, you should immediately inform HEALTHME. HEALTHME does not represent or does not guarantee the truthfulness, accuracy or reliability of the content published on the platform by members. Similarly, HEALTHME does not endorse the views expressed.

D. Copyright of the submissions

By submitting information, you declare and guarantee that it is accurate, is not confidential, and is not in violation of any copyright, contractual restrictions or other third party rights. You also agree to inform HEALTHME if such information should change since your registration.

E. Editorial policy

HEALTHME is solely responsible for its editorial policy, it is not and could not in any way be influenced by its partners and / or institutional support (s). Moreover, HEALTHME is not involved in the discussions of the members. Only moderation messages can be used to inform / member (s) of a failure to respect the TOA.

F. Eligibility for the MySpeciality.com platform

You declare and guarantee that you:

- are a health professional; - have not been suspended or removed from the platform MySpeciality.com; - do have not more than one MySpeciality.com account at one time; - have full power and authority to enter into this Agreement and in doing so will not be violating any other agreement by which you are bound.

If information on members should prove untrue, inaccurate, not current or incomplete, HEALTHME reserves the right to terminate the Member's account and the rights of the member to use the platform.

Institutional supporters of MySpeciality.com have no access to the platform, or control over its constituent members and / or content that is exchanged on it.

G. Personal Data Security

You are responsible for taking all reasonable measures to ensure that no unauthorised person accesses the platform using your login. It is your sole responsibility to: (1) control the dissemination and use of your identity; (2) keep your password confidential, do not use other member accounts and do not let others use your account; (3) authorise, monitor, and control access and use of the MySpeciality.com platform using your login. In addition, each member is fully responsible for all activities that occur with the use of their identity. Members agree to immediately notify HEALTHME of any unauthorised use of the platform or any other breach of security. You may not sell, exchange or transfer your MySpeciality.com account or contents therein to another party.

H. Confidentiality of exchanges between members

The MySpeciality.com platform provides its members with forums where you can post your comments and observations on designated topics. The MySpeciality.com platform cannot guarantee that other members will use the ideas and information you share. Therefore, if you have an idea or information that you wish to keep confidential and / or do not want others to use, do not post it on the platform.

I. Advertising

MySpeciality.com is not intended to contain information that could be considered, directly or indirectly, as advertising for pharmaceutical products or medical devices. You should never use your MySpeciality.com for personal promotion or marketing.

J. Moderation of exchanges between members

MySpeciality.com has communication and sharing capabilities between members in forums.

Two major modes of communication exist within MySpeciality.com:

  • so-called private communications between two or more members (exchanges between members within private groups)
  • so-called public communications (exchanges between members accessible and visible by all members)

HEALTHME does not intervene in discussions between members. However to ensure the quality of exchanges between health professionals on one hand, and on the other hand enforce the regulations for medical internet websites in the country where the member practices, HEALTHME has set up a public discussion moderation process. The role of this moderation is not to censor discussions but only to verify that the comments made by members are courteous, respectful and above all comply with the laws and regulations in force and finally to ensure no use of this platform that might violate the rules governing advertising in the member countries in the medical field. HEALTHME therefore reserves the right to moderate and / or not to publish and / or remove any content that violates these Terms of Use or that could affect the proper use of health products that are mentioned there.

Some rules of use for the smooth functioning of exchanges between members:

In general, and without this list being exhaustive, the moderators reserve the right to delete and not to publish MySpeciality.com members' content which:

  • is off-topic: topics should be related to the field of community. No article or comment relating to nominative information about a doctor, a patient or a health centre will be published;
  • puts online any content that could be described as promotional in terms of advertising rules in the medical field;
  • criticises the organisation of health care systems;
  • contravenes morality, public order, laws and regulations in the member's country of practice, or the rights of others;
  • contains comments that might be considered slanderous, violent or inciting violence, abusive, obscene, offensive, discriminatory, religious, racist or xenophobic, pornographic, pedophile, revisionist or negationist;
  • mentions illegal activities of any form, including unauthorised reproduction, representation or distribution, of software, trademarks, photographs, images, texts;
  • mentions ideas or messages inciting the committing of crimes and misdemeanors;
  • usurps a name or a company name;
  • totally or partially assume content protected by intellectual property rights, including copyright, and for which you do not have rights, as well as messages constituting trademark infringement;
  • transmit by any means any content that contains computer viruses or any other code, or software designed to hinder, distort, interrupt, destroy or limit the normal operation or functionality of any software, computer, server, or electronic communications tool without this list being exhaustive;
  • transmit by any means any content including Trojan horses, or other code designed to intercept or divert data without authorisation, or take control, interrupt, destroy or limit the normal operation or functionality of any software, computer , server, or electronic communications tool without this list being exhaustive;
  • misuse the service to carry out propaganda, prospecting, soliciting or proselytising, for professional, commercial or political ends;
  • resumes totally or partially the content published on MySpeciality.com (text, image, etc.) for which you acknowledge not be the author;
  • Impedes or disrupts the operation of exchanges between members.

K. Pharmacovigilance

MySpeciality.com is not intended to receive reports of adverse side effects. Members wishing to make such reports are requested to comply with the legislation in force in their country of practice.

For example in France (the country where the servers are hosted), members should contact their Regional Pharmacovigilance Centre through the form Cerfa No. 10011-05. However, following the recommendations of the MSNA and the obligation to report any suspected adverse reactions, any description that may be related to a case of pharmacovigilance by the moderator will be first of all be subject to contact with the person who described the cases, to ensure that this case has been reported to the corresponding regional pharmacovigilance centre.

L. Shared data sources

Members of MySpeciality.com will need to indicate the sources (references, links, etc.) of any medical data they transmit if it does not come from their personal experience. Members also undertake to publish only information they consider true to the best of their knowledge.

M. Hyperlinks on MySpeciality.com

The establishment of a hyperlink to MySpeciality.com requires prior authorisation from HEALTHME. You should therefore contact us. HEALTHME is not responsible for the content, information, products and services offered on the sites that are the subject of a hyperlink from the MySpeciality.com platform. Specifically, HEALTHME's liability for direct or indirect damage such as loss of customers, lawsuits, any commercial problems, loss of brand image, loss of earnings, cannot be sought concerning the quality and/or specifications of the products and services sold by affiliated partners, or in respect of payments operations on these sites.

N. Confidentiality

Under the Data Protection Act of January 6th, 1978 and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), all users have the right to access, modify, rectify, transfer, oppose and delete personal data.

HEALTHME cannot be held responsible for "spam" suffered by members who have voluntarily and spontaneously decided to publish their email address online.

In accordance with the Confidentiality Law in the digital economy of 21st June 2004, data that will enable the identification of Internet users (including IP addresses) that contributed to the creation of content on the platform MySpeciality.com is owned and maintained by HEALTHME.

Please refer to the confidentiality page for details about data confidentiality of our members.

O. Your rights

Provided you comply with all of your obligations under the Agreement, we grant you a limited, non-revocable, non-exclusive licence through a Web browser to display the information and services we provide on the MySpeciality.com platform.

P. Our Rights and Obligations

The purpose of the MySpeciality.com platform is to provide a service to facilitate clinical discussion and medical professional networking between its members. Any other use of the MySpeciality.com platform (such as looking for someone to connect to a member that does not have a professional relationship or using the MySpeciality.com as a way to generate revenue by sales contacts or other information) is strictly prohibited and is a violation of this Agreement. HEALTHME also guarantees the confidentiality of collected personal data (names, email addresses and passwords) when registering for its services.

Q. Intellectual Property

The texts, images, videos, documents and other works present on the platform are protected by International copyright laws. You agree not to reproduce them. You expressly and freely agree that your content can be reproduced by any electronic means in the world and for the entire legal term of protection of that content. You guarantee that you have the necessary rights, including all intellectual property rights over your content, messages and data of all kinds that you disclose on MySpeciality.com platform, allowing you to grant the rights conveyed herein.

R. General provisions

HEALTHME reserves the right to amend the provisions of these Terms of Use. By continuing to use the MySpeciality.com platform, you also agree to the future changes that may be made. These Terms of Use constitute the entire obligations of the parties, any general or specific condition appearing in other documents can be regarded as integrated into the scope of rights and obligations between HEALTHME and members. If one or more provisions of these Terms of Use were declared invalid for any reason whatsoever the remaining provisions remain in full force and effect. In case of difficulty in interpretation between any of the titles and the clauses to which they relate, the disputed title will be declared invalid. These Terms of Use are governed by French law, for the substantive rules and the rules of form.

Last updated: May 25, 2018