Collection and use of personal data

Personal data communicated by the members during registration are for the exclusive use of HEALTHME and are not transmitted to third parties.

Personal data collected during registration (email address, name, specialty, city and registration number in the Order of Doctors or proof of professional activity) is to enable your identity to be identifiable by other members of the community and to verify the identity of each member to ensure exclusive access only to healthcare professionals.

Only your name, speciality and city will be viewable to other members of the community. Your email address serves as an identifier enabling you to connect to the community and will only be used, depending on your preferences, to send you information about the community (the member can set the notifications they wish to receive by email in "My Preferences") . The data used to verify your professional activity (registration number in the Order of Doctors or proof of professional activity) is for the exclusive use of HEALTHME.

Additional personal data (such as Medical School, Internship, customised avatar, working method, etc.) can subsequently be entered into the member's profile at their discretion. This data, only viewable by other community members can be useful in facilitating relationships between members.

You have a right at any time to access, modify, rectify or delete this data as provided by the Data Protection Act of 6th January 1978, amended by the Act of 16th August 2004.

Passive data collection

HEALTHME uses 'cookies' to facilitate your navigation. They are used for example when you have checked the "remember me" to register your login credentials for automatic log in rom the same computer. Depending on your Internet browser, it is possible to disable these cookies. In this case, some features such as the one mentioned above will no longer be available.

We also collect information such as IP addresses and connection days to send you personalised data, and for statistical purposes.

These data are collected for the exclusive use of HEALTHME and are not communicated to third parties.

Confidentiality and protection of your personal data

We take all necessary precautions to guarantee the confidentiality of information received against loss, theft, alteration, misuse, access, disclosure and destruction of personal data.

Confidentiality of exchanges

All content published on the community will only be viewed by the member or members(s) specified (s) during publication (in accordance with the viewing criteria: the community, contacts, one or more groups) and HEALTHME.

In no case do the community's partner (s) institution (s) have access to the contents published on the website, or to the identity of the members registered with the community.

Date Updated: 1st September 2015